Preparing for going back to school

It is Back to School Season!

Our staff here at KUMAknows that Back to School season is an exciting time for children. We also understand that it can be a little intimidating as well. One of our goals here is to help prepare our ninjas be rockstars everywhere they go and prepare them for challenges they may face. Unfortunately, bullying is also a part of the social experience BUT it doesn’t have to be the focus!

Here are a few ways our students learn to deal with Bullying:

  • Making friends is a great way to be proactive in preventing bullying.
  • Instilling prosocial traits like caring (Vision), sharing (Teamwork) and being helpful will give them the tools to create positive, lasting relationships.
  • Strong verbal and interpersonal skills also allow them to become more empathetic and understanding when faced with adversity.

Here in our SKILLZ programs we develop conversational skills by learning how to work with partners who may or may not share the same views about how to accomplish a task. Our drills are designed to challenge their emotional and social stages of development. Often working with partners or groups can be challenging but our instructors help to guide them through this process focusing on proper discussion of “cause” and “effect” of our actions and/or words.

We also strive to develop interpersonal skills that will help them cope with verbal bullying as well with the use of conflict resolution. We understand that it is easy to be overcome by our emotions when being verbally bullied. So our instructors coach them to work and think through their emotions and control their “heart”. Doing this teaches them to take a breath and respond in a non-threatening manner.

Our staff here at KUMAis excited for all of our students going back to school! We want to help make the transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible. If your ninja should need help or coaching on how to deal with a negative social experience feel free to let us know!

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