Get ready for some YOU time! You will begin your adventure in discovering, developing, and sharing your best self at MIKA.

We offer unique programming that prioritizes building awareness and confidence by leveling up fitness, teamwork, and leadership. Through a safe, supportive, and appropriately challenging environment, we inspire progress and change in each student allowing them to reach their full potential. Our students are forging a path to a happier and more productive life!

This class is for all ages and abilities! No previous experience is necessary!

Benefits of Martial Arts

✔  Learn Self-Defense
✔  Achieve Balance

✔  Increase Flexibility & Coordination
✔  Gain Mental Clarity
✔  Improve Focus
✔  Gain Self-Confidence
✔  Develop Leadership Skills
✔  Enjoy the Community
✔  Have Fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I really start martial arts training now? Yes! Martial arts is for everyone regardless of age, physical shape or previous experience. Every student starts with a white belt and progresses through skills and movements achieving one milestone at a time. The journey of martial arts is really the journey of self-improvement!

I have an old injury, can I still train?
Martial arts was traditionally a lifelong practice for health and longevity. Anybody or body type can train. We offer modifications as needed.

What is a typical class like?
We start with a warm-up and then move into practicing skills and applications. Finally, we practice our belt-testing requirements for each skill and wrap with some dynamic stretching to improve mobility and flexibility. All training happens in a safe, controlled, and supportive learning environment.

What style of martial arts is it?
We offer a traditional form of Okinawan Karate called Isshinryu. 

Is karate just about fighting?
No. Martial arts is a practice of mastering the mind, body and spirit (your general mindset and well-being). Most practitioners benefit from the self-defense of negativity, stress and general life balance.

How often should I come to class?
Martial arts prepares the body to move without thinking. Your commitment should be to come to at least 2 classes each week. We recommend coming to as many classes and special seminars as possible.

Get started, Today!

The best way to decide if you’ll like martial arts is to TRY IT! Sign up for our trial program and learn the basic techniques and format of the class. You’ll gain confidence in the program and in your natural abilities! Looking forward to seeing you soon. 🙂

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